Download SP Flash APK- Guide to Latest Tool Version

If you are not happy working with a single ROM, it is definitely a call for flash. It can be either for the purpose of recovery or system modification, but in the choice of the tool, there is nothing to select from if the need is on your MediaTek Android. So let us now see about Download SP Flash APK covering up the latest tool update.

Download SP Flash APK

If you already aware what the use of SP Flash Tool is, you do not require any introductions. But in case if this is the starting point, I would like to introduce the tool as best flash utility exclusively working for MediaTek Android. It supports flashing Stock/Custom Firmware, Kernels, Flash Recovery, Upgrade/Downgrade firmware, and more. So in a case like your device is soft-bricked, you can try a Stock ROM flash with SP Flash to get recovered the system. And for further, it is supporting to download pre-built images or binary data on the Android devices that powered MediaTek chipsets.

Can you Download SP Flash APK?

SP Flash Tool or what we also call Smart Phone Flash Tool is completely a desktop program. So you should be prepared with either a Windows or Linux Computer to make use of the SP Flash. In fact, there is still no way finds about Download SP Flash Tool directly on your device supporting the APK format. But we could not say about the time to reach as we already find successful upgrading to the program. So let us see whether there will be an update to SP Flash APK with time. But remember for now it is only workable through Windows and Linux.

SP Flash Tool Version 5.1744 Updated

As above stated, SP flash tool getting updates eventually. And by now, SP Flash Tool v5.1744 is the latest which has everything updated just as you expected. The latest tool version carries support for all latest MediaTek Android variants supporting up to the latest Android firmware. And as it is completely free of all previously reported bugs, now anyone can guarantee the highest success with MediaTek Flash through SP Flash download. But just as always, the whole tool comes free to download supporting through Windows and Linux.

SP Flash Tool Features

  • Flash Android scatter based Stock and Custom firmware files
  • Flash Custom recovery
  • Manage hard resetting on MediaTek Android
  • Read the Parameters
  • Resetting Parameters
  • Android firmware upgrade and Downgrade
  • System recovery for soft-bricked state
  • RAM Testing and verifying
  • Complete backup and restore assistance

How to use SP Flash Tool?

Before you start processing, backup the complete device. And when getting the PC prepared, make sure it is with the latest drivers installed. In preparing your smart device to the flashing, you should consider its battery status. And make sure to enable USB debugging from the settings. Before processing, you should switch off the device and have to take off the battery. But in case if your device has an unremovable battery, this does not make any use. If all done, head to the latest SP Flash Tool Download and also the correct file you need flash on the device. Do not forget to double-check the compatibility there.


We should give all thanks to MediaTek Inc.considering all development of this amazing free flash utility for MediaTek devices. And we hope there will be a day very soon to meet you back writing how to Download SP Flash APK. But for the moment, it is completely workable through Desktop PC.