What is and how to make use of Sp flash tool?

Flashing a stock ROM or else a Custom ROM simply means pack the device with external firmware packages. A stock ROM are those firmware builds that the device manufacturer bring in formally. And the classification of custom ROM is a firmware based on customizable features and that make available you all performances in a recovered way. However, the tool we are going to express you here is one of the demanding role for flashing and that call SP flash tool download. It stands for MTK based Android chipsets through the compatibility just about all handsets. It what’s more call Smartphone flash tool which is based on Windows and Linux with most up-to-date change logs.



What are the MTK devices that can use with this?

The world’s fourth largest Integrated Circuit designer is the company which responsible for MTK Android handsets. And the same are the developer of Sp flash tool for their beloved consumers. Certain chipsets based on their particular system call MediaTek chipsets and that used basically for Android drawings. It is simple to get to know whether you are a MTK user. Just open your Google Play store app and then navigate an app such as CPU-Z which give you all about the device hardware and phone info. However, there are  large number of MediaTek device models.

Main models of MediaTek chipset

  • SoCs3ARMv5 (MT6235 – MT6577T)
  • SoCs#ARMv7 Dual Core (MT6572M – MT6571)
  • SoCs#ARMv7 Quad Core (MT6580 – MT6588)
  • SoCs#ARMv7 Hexa Core (MT6591 – MT6595 Turbo)
  • SoCs#ARMv8 Quard Core (MT6735P/MT6735M – MT6738T)
  • SoCs#ARMv8 Octa Core (MT6750 – Helio X30; MT6799)
  • MTK Tablet processors (From MT8317 to MT8173)

About SP flash tool

Sp flash tool download let’s you upgrade or downgrade the handset software, hard reset, unbrick, format, run recollection diagnostics and more other resolutions. And as afore mentioned, custom ROM flash to can accomplish along with these. But keep in your mind that flashing a stock ROM is safer and consistent than a Custom ROM since it is a hazard of your handset warranty.

Anyhow, the tool available separated download links for Windows and Linux. The latest direct download links obtainable all the way through the version 5.1644 on your respective OS uses.

Device preparations

sp flash tool

  1. Fully completed battery or else sufficient charge at least up to 70%
  2. A complete backup of apps, folders, files and the whole lot
  3. Get together a USB cord and a computer runs Linux or Windows

How to use the tool?

  • Android USB drivers are the main thing that you have to install with your machine
  • Take out the device battery behind power off it and keep aside
  • And then download a preferred Stock ROM or a Custom ROM and then extract the file properly
  • Download SP flash tool recent edition and extract it as well
  • Through extracted files of the flashing tool, pick up the exe content and run it right away
  • Once you open the utilize push the key tagged as download
  • And then go ahead with the scatter loading key
  • The scatter file will be there with the stock ROM content
  • Click the download switch once again and network the Android handset to a workable USB port with the cord. While you link to the port, hold volume key as it will do a proper connectivity
  • At the conclusion, you will see a green mark on the UI
  • Slowly remove the device from the machine

Video lead


  • Once the device no longer work through the Power button after flash with download Sp flash tool

If your device has no any hardware related causations, a retry will end the issue. Confirm that the selected ROM is an applicable one

  • Handset became none workable although the Sp flash tool procedure completed successfully.

This too has to do a firmware replacement. And it will be better to work using an official ROM package

Developer Credits

Entire credits of the tool development goes to MediaTek Inc. Smartphone flash tool download is the solitary utilize for MTK based devices and that available for free through all over direct download links.